There is a big chance that you have already heard about the King’s Day Amsterdam festival. On this day, people from the Netherlands and tourists from around the world gather to celebrate the King’s birthday. In the following paragraph, you can read some interesting ways people spend this holiday.

King’s Day Amsterdam Celebrations

You can simply describe this holiday as the celebrations of the Dutch monarchy. It also mentioned as one, if not the biggest, outdoor event with thousands and thousands of attendees. One of the most eye-catching part about King’s Day celebrations is that most partygoers are dressed in orange, the national color.

The King’s Night, 26th of April

The King’s Day celebration actually starts on the evening of April, 26th. You can then find several festivities being held around the city and some streets are even closed off for traffic. It is also noticeable that some flea markets also start around this time (read more about the markets in the next paragraph). Some of these parties have free entrance, so you can easily join in. Unless you want to save all your energy for the big day of course.

King’s Day, 27th of April

Flea Markets and Dancing

If you are a fan of shopping at flea markets and getting yourself all kinds of goods, this day will surely come in handy. One of the events on King’s Day is the present of different flea markets in the morning. There are no actual rules for this, as everyone can sit down and offer all types of articles on the markets across the city. With such a wide range being offered, we are almost sure you will find something you didn’t know you needed your whole life. We dare you to differ!

The Dutch are known as people who really like to party, and on this day many go completely crazy. It is therefore no surprise that there are several music and dance spots in the city, and it will be almost impossible not to join in the festivities even if you just happen to be there. Furthermore, the activities take place in around the entire country, but they are mostly centered in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands – also known as Holland.


Celebrate King’s Day on a Canal Cruise Amsterdam

One of the best ways to celebrate King’s day remains spending the holiday on a private canal cruise. This way you get to soak in all the fun and party atmosphere on your own comfort and enjoy the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. It is also very safe, since no effort is ever spared to make sure everything goes well during the trip. You can bring your own food and beverage and just focus on having a good, safe time with your friends.


A few rules to consider

  1. It is recommendable to use the train to reach the city on this day.
  2. Behave properly and use public toilets, or you might be fined.
  3. To slow down the number of attendees, you will need a ticket to get into many of the festivities.
  4. There is a limit of how much alcohol you can have with you on this day, and if you exceed this, your beverages might be confiscated.


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